Red, white and rosé

Harmony to be tasted in red, white and rosé

Our vineyards are situated on a wide geographic zone which allows us to provide a wide variety of styles: from very fruity wines to very robust ones that can keep.
The red wines evolve after aging towards a fine, delicate balance, lingering in the mouth. Round, lively wines, with nice silky tannins, characteristic of the AOC « Côtes du Rhône ».

The rosé wines are fresh and light. The aromas of red, dark and citrus fruit give wines that are highly pleasant and appreciated.
The white wines are sharp, light and very unctuous at the same time. Their fruit aromas are in harmony with a genuine and balanced mouth.

Check our wine sheets for technical detail; they will help you discover each wine and its characteristics. You can also buy most of our wines in our online boutique.