The Winemakers

The winemakers of la Comtadine: high standards and passion
For many generations, winemakers have been growing grapes on the hills and terraces in the heart of the Rhone Valley. In 1930, they decided to join to share with you their high standards and passion for vines and wine. Today, as many as 280 winemakers are working together on over 1300 hectares of vineyards in 20 villages of the Haut Vaucluse and the Drôme Provençale.

Each wine carries inside it the characteristics of the region and the winemakers that have brought it to life. Our wines reflect our country: warm and friendly, full bodied and distinctive. Passionately devoted to our production, we would like to share with you moments of true emotion and pleasure. The winemakers of La Comtadine are also very eager for you to discover their organic wines. As of today, parts of our vineyards are being converted to produce organic wine: it will be macerated separately and grown with respect to the organic regulations.

Cultivating the vine is preparing the wine : 
our winemakers are committed to keep progressing in quality – even though that quality is already highly praised. The vineyard technician accompanies them in their search towards continuous improvement. Old vines are the focal point of this concern.
We grow our vines on parcels and terraces that we care for very specifically according to their exposure, microclimate and soil – always with rigorously high standards. Our passion is to grow the best grapes in order to give life to the best wines.