Wine making: patience and love

Wine making is an exercise of rigour and patience. Each wine is developed from grapes selected in the vineyards for their unique qualities. Each wine is a subtle and delicate creation which combines aromatic and tannic composition with the balance of flavours and authenticity. Our Master Winemaker tends this subtle balance and our cellar managers check each wine everyday.

Wine making at la Cave La Comtadine

As soon as the grapes arrive, we select them, depending on their health, their phenolic maturity, their cleanliness and the integrity of the harvest. Several techniques are used: punching down and over, carbonic maceration, pumping over… The wines are developed and matured in vats or French oak barrels.
The winemaking of red, white and rosé wines is done under the sharp eye of our master winemaker and is accompanied by capital investments reinforcing the respect of grape quality and thus managing to produce a high quality wine.

Appellations d’Origine Contrôlées:

-  « Côtes du Rhône » 
-  « Cotes du Ventoux » 
-  « Puyméras Côtes du Rhône Village »

First producer of the region, La Cave La Comtadine has played an essential role in getting the « Appellation Côtes du Rhône » for the villages of Puyméras, Faucon, Saint Romain en Viennois, Mérindol les Oliviers and Mollans sur Ouvèze. _ In 2004, they were awarded the appellation “Puyméras Côtes du Rhône Village” after more than 20 years of commitment – giving tremendous pleasure to all the connoisseurs of these high quality wines.